Americana Outdoors Introduces The Americana Outdoors Challenge Series and New Staff members to the Outdoor Industry

Americana Outdoors Introduces The Americana Outdoors Challenge Series and New Staff members to the Outdoor Industry

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – As one of the longest running outdoor shows on television today, Americana Outdoors is proud to announce their new series titled, The Americana Outdoors Challenge Series. Consisting of many different hunting and fishing challenges, The Challenge Series will introduce the outdoor competitors to a battle of experience and skill.


Click the picture to watch a preview of the Challenge Series

Along with the series introduction, Americana Outdoors is introducing their new staff, who will be the competitors in The Challenge Series. Bass fishing pros and outdoor veterans Jeff Reynolds and Clark Wendlandt make up half of the Americana Outdoors staff, also known as the “Vets.” The other half of the Americana Outdoors staff is comprised of the “Rookies,” who are recent college graduates and outdoor fanatics, Will Cooper and Cody Levy. From seasoned veterans to industry rookies, the Americana Outdoors staff will face off in a clash between young bucks and the old bulls.

President of CarecoTV, Americana Outdoors Senior Staff member, and creator of The Challenge Series stated that “the new Americana Outdoors Challenge Series will be one of the most unique outdoor segments on television today. The series promises a lot of intensity among these outdoor challenges and a look at what it takes to be a skilled outdoorsman.”

The Americana Outdoors staff members are excited to get the chance to do what they love- fish, hunt, and compete. Highly competitive by nature, each of the staff members are eager to get started with the new series.

“This Challenge Series is something that is way different than any other outdoor experience I’ve been a part of,” said Wendlandt. “I’ve been fishing and hunting all of my life but competing in the two things that I love really makes it that much more exciting.”

“For me, I love competition,” said Reynolds. “It’s fun to compete with your buddies and anything that can challenge you, will make you raise your game which has definitely happened for all of us throughout the series, being that it is something we love to do. This is not your typical hunting or fishing show. It shows a true competition from guys that want to win more than anything and this series will really show what competition is.”

The Rookies are coming into The Challenge Series with a lot to prove as they too favor competition in any hunting or fishing challenge thrown their way.

“I’m excited to get to compete against the Vets in the new Challenge Series. I’m newer to the hunting side, but have been fishing since I was a kid,” Levy said. “The fact that two young guys in the industry are challenging these seasoned pros in their own game will make this series something totally different than anything else in outdoor television.”

Cooper stated that “I’m a rookie in the industry, but I’m looking forward to competing against two accomplished veterans and giving that extra effort to show them that they shouldn’t take two rookies lightly.”

The Americana Outdoors Challenge Series will begin airing on the Pursuit Network and the NBC Sports Network during the week of March 30th. To find out more about the Challenge Series, visit To meet each of the Americana Outdoors Staff members, click here:

Check out a preview of the Americana Outdoors Challenge Series here: 

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