Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation Boat

Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation OffShore Fishing Port O’Connor, Texas

Launching from Port O Connor in their Yamaha Powered Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation boat we meet up with Captain Jeff Kriet, Jeff Welch and Derrick Kurkendall as they go offshore to compete in their version of the bottom dropping championship of the world while sharing valuable insight in the mission of the Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation.

As a brotherhood of anglers, we are working to preserve the sport we love.  When anglers from every corner of our nation come together to raise a unified voice, we can have a huge impact on issues such as these:

Sadly, the greatest threat to our sport today comes from those who wish to deny our right to fish by closing access to our nation’s oceans, bays, lakes, rivers, and anywhere else that we love to throw in a line.  We must continue to fight for our right to fish recreationally in America’s waters, and keep our beloved public resources public!

Stay informed and sign up for Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation here:


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