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Big Bite Baits Offers College Teams Money Thanks To New Grant Program

SAN ANTONIO, TX - College fishing continues to grow each year, and Big Bite Baits is looking to help collegiate anglers on the water with a new fish catching soft plastic craw, but also help them off the water with an exciting new program.…
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Buzz Through Fall Fishing with the All-New Tour Toad

Perfect for terrorizing shallow water in search of explosive topwater strikes, the Big Bite Baits Tour Toad provides the ultimate buzzing action that infuriates big bass into attacking. Crafted with serrated legs, the Big Bite Baits Tour Toad…
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Big Bite Baits Limit Maker and Limit Maker Jighead with Michael Neal

Big Bite Baits is your destination for the best selection of quality plastic fishing lures that have been proven to catch fish. They have a wide selection of baits at great prices for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Follow them on…